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Re: Create a task from a income email and parse the body, Odoo 9c

Cezar Jr
- 08/23/2016 08:20:18
Van Hirtum Johan, thanks for your replay, let me see if I correctly understand what you say,

First I should process the mail inside my mail server, using procmail, perhaps!
After that create a template from new task, closed task or update tasks, this is right?

If I understood correctly, this my solve some of my issues, but I don't now, yet, how to parse the body of email inside Odoo, so how can I use the body of mail to fulfill  some fields of my task? Do you could help me with this approach?

Karim, the solutions is kind of Helpdesk, but my client already have a Helpdesk solution and that software send to me all the update on each task, I just want replicate the information inside odoo so I can monitoring internally using our software.

Tanks you for the help!

Eng Cezar José Sant'Anna Junior, MSc. PMP. PRINCE2 Practitioner
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2016-08-23 5:47 GMT-03:00 Johan Van Hirtum <>:

Hi Cezar,


We process e-mails to generate leads / annex extra info to leads and opportunities. Therefore we have a unique field in our leads / opportunities ( in our case a number ). We made several shared maps on our mail server, with are looked up by a cron job. In the leads, we created an extra state ‘Automatic generated’, where new leads get posted and manually processed. Leads, generated from our website contact form can be practically automatically be generated, but because people can for instance always spell there street name different and we don’t want to have many false duplicates in our customer / contact database, we take a look at all generated leads manually. We can then also have a look to the tasks assigned. By using different shared maps for the different input types ( free mails, our contact form, contact form from supplier sites ), we can resolve as much as possible, each mail with its own algorithm. Extra info later on is annexed via a different shared map. In the subject tab we bring in a tag <leadnumber> so the info is placed by the right lead. You could give you project also a unique field and then assign this somewhere to the mail. The task can then be generated / looked up and changed according to the rules you define. Of course your info must give Odoo the change to know he has to generate a new task or look up an existent one. Maybe you can also create a state ‘automatic generated’ so all tasks Odoo can not resolve fully, can be posted there and someone can fix the task info manually.


Succes !



Van Hirtum Johan


Van: Cezar J. Sant'Anna Jr. []
Verzonden: maandag 22 augustus 2016 22:58
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Onderwerp: Create a task from a income email and parse the body, Odoo 9c


I'm trying to create a task from an email received, but through Odoo standard I can not fill in the necessary information, for example:

In the email I can get the following information, through filter and search, the email is not formated:

    Subject field: Identification of TASK

    Field Email body:

        Task Status (Scheduled, Running, Completed)

        Task Manager: employee name

        Project Name: Project Name in Odoo

        Scheduled date for closing: Date in DDMMYYYY format

        Advance Task: Percentage completed to date


Through the alias easily can create a new task in the project, but do not know how to use the other information to update the tasks, as when I get a the Odoo task change notification creates a new task and does not update the contents of previous!


Has anyone had a similar need? If so, or not :-), could show me the way because I am lost between change fetchmail module or create a new module, this second case would create a generic module and not only design, because I am already anticipating a need here in the company to make updates in stock via email.


Thank you




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