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Create a task from a income email and parse the body, Odoo 9c

Cezar Jr
- 08/22/2016 16:54:13
I'm trying to create a task from an email received, but through Odoo standard I can not fill in the necessary information, for example:
In the email I can get the following information, through filter and search, the email is not formated:
    Subject field: Identification of TASK
    Field Email body:
        Task Status (Scheduled, Running, Completed)
        Task Manager: employee name
        Project Name: Project Name in Odoo
        Scheduled date for closing: Date in DDMMYYYY format
        Advance Task: Percentage completed to date

Through the alias easily can create a new task in the project, but do not know how to use the other information to update the tasks, as when I get a the Odoo task change notification creates a new task and does not update the contents of previous!

Has anyone had a similar need? If so, or not :-), could show me the way because I am lost between change fetchmail module or create a new module, this second case would create a generic module and not only design, because I am already anticipating a need here in the company to make updates in stock via email.

Thank you

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