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Dealing with different Unit of Measure

Bharat Devnani
- 08/15/2016 04:13:45
Hi All,

I am dealing with different UoM's for Sale, Purchase and Maintaining from stock point of view, like:

Purhcase UoM : Pack of 144 Unit(s)
UoM (for stock) : Unit(s)
Sale UoM : Pack of 144 Unit(s)

How can I achieve this configuration, as I would like to select 1 Pack of 24 Unit(s) at Sale Order line level.

Is it something, that can be achieved through configuration as I have tried through UoS Coeffecient by giving value : 1/144 i.e 0.00694444444 but i am not geting the correct conversion due to rounding. 

Kindly provide your valuable inputs on the same.

Best Regards,