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Re: Odoo V.10

Andi Becker
- 08/13/2016 07:36:30
Hi Ron

I started in 1987 real community work, got awarded, supported by huge companies and what I have build up is existing since than and makes many people happy. I worked half a year even without any salary - I actually never asked for it until they decided I should have one. It is still a community approach and following my principles of 1987.

Many ideas started in Garages and lots of them were good ideas and actually while Fabien was starting I was just about some kilometers further in Overijse (just in between where Fabien was and Brussels) supporting another community Montessori kindergarten.

It was the time where we were working with green screens and had our first viruses on CPM which have let our content falling down like snow on the screen until it was gone. DBase was big that time, not sure if you have ever heard about it and the first DOS computers just came out. for an affordable price competing with CPM machines.

Anyway this has absolut nothing to do with that topic as stability and portability as well as upgradability was already at that time very important and it worked quite good with several programs where you did not have to dream a dream which will never happen.

What Jorge suggests is actually a very interesting task and I need to see if I can find one of our students to step into it and simply comparing all those nice usability and other stuff which would be user and programmer friendly mentioned on the mailinglist and to check what actually had been taken into account. Probably not much!

Breaking sites have also something good for many companies, they get jobs, so do we get jobs from it ;-). But we actually do not recommend Odoo anymore so much since Version 9 as the feature set shrinked down a lot and fortunately there are other alternatives which perhaps have read those odoo Threads as here you can easily do things which are a hazzle in Odoo. One example is the new INOERP. Test it out. I hope they will get soon also such a nice frontend website builder and eCommerce shop.

Nevermind until customers will switch usually takes lot of time and therefore we still provide also Odoo and even build currently a bigger site with it. It really depends on what customers requirements are and on what is the best solution for them. If they have great hardware with lots of memory and can have Root access well Odoo is still very easy to setup and to update ;-)

Keep up the heads and improve Odoo by using the ideas mentioned in the mailinglists and compare those first with what Odoo 10 might be (or should have been).

If you are looking for a great community check out also inoerp. It is a quite new community, that's perhaps the reason that they are much more communicative and open to new ideas which focus on usability of endusers - their customers - and you have much less people who are actually only sellers and have no ideas about code or design but great sales people. inoERP is an open Source software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. I gues they are more open for your ideas.

On Sat, Aug 13, 2016 at 4:27 PM, Dominique Chabord <> wrote:
Hi Jorge,

the fact that many discussions are on going about Odoo doesn't mean
the software has more problems than another one, just that any POV can
be shared by an active community.
Most proprietary software just make discussions private.
Community is the first advantage to go with Odoo over other
proprietary ERP, IMHO, whatever my assessment of the product itself.

2016-08-13 3:02 GMT+02:00 jorge <>:
> Hi Andreas and all:
> Is not body dreams not body gets it ¡
> I only think that in their e-mails you can find much information to
> improve ODOO (What ever it be: Enterpreise or / and Community). I'm only
> a probably end user, I'm not a computer programmer...I can't offer help
> more than my humility ideas.
> I usually listen (read), that ODOO can be competitive with others ERP
> programs, but I can't believe that a ERP in productions has a lot of
> problems an doubts that I see in the e-mails. At least, if I had a
> company or have to recommend an ERP, I'm not suggest ODOO... I'm really
> sorry.
> Best regards,
> Jorge Rodríguez
> El vie, 12-08-2016 a las 23:27 +0000, Andreas Becker escribió:
>> When ever I want you (Odoo 10) is dream - dream dream dream
>> Until now absolutely no Version upgrade starting with TinyERP than
>> OpenERP and now ODOO had no breaking site changes and for sure this
>> will be also the case with Odoo 10, which will be already outdated and
>> upgraded by following versions until a majority of community modules
>> will have moved to adapt and be securely working in Odoo 10.
>> With kind regards,
>> Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
>> Con un cordial saludo,
>> Cordialement,
>> с сердечным приветом,
>> เรื่องที่เกี่ยวกับชนิด,
>> 與親切的問候,
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