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What has the Odoo R&D been working on lately?

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 08/11/2016 11:17:34

We have some good news about the work that has been done by the R&D team 
in these last few months. The version 10 is slowly approaching and while 
this email does not explain visual changes, important underground work 
has been achieved!


The "new API" was released with version 8 as an easier way to code your 
modules. While we kept both version compatible, we have finished 
migrating all the official modules to the new API.

Now that the migration process of the modules is done, we are working to 
fully retire the "old API". Starting v10, the ORM will only accept one 
way of writing ORM interactions.
It will simplify the ORM, makes debugging life easier and hopefully 
improve the performances too.

QWeb Reports

The QWeb engine for reports and website page has also been introduced in 
version 8 as well.
This syntax is easier than the previous RML reports and adds important 
features such as inheritance for an easier customization.

One drawback of the QWeb syntax for website pages was that it was very 
slow and needed to be revaluated for each visitor.
We have improved this and the QWeb templates are now compiled server 
side before being rendered. This will make the compilation work for the 
first visitor (no speed benefit) and all the following will benefit from 
the compiled page.

Similarly to the API transition, we are retiring old report engine. The 
report RML and Webkit support will be removed from Odoo in the version 10.


This was already announced here some time ago but we are finalizing the 
removal of the workflows in the main addons.
This does NOT mean that we are removing the workflow engine. It will 
still be available in the next release for the community modules.


We have just added the translations of the terms of the master version.
For the languages that have fully translated the 9.0, don't hesitate to 
check this new Transifex project.

We will keep this up to date with changes. This is NOT the version 10 
project (which will be published in the freeze period in a few weeks) 
but the development version, the future version 10.

For more information about this, you can check the translator mailing 
list or contact me.


Martin Trigaux