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OpenSSL 1.0.1 for Odoo 8

Huzefa Katwarawala
- 08/11/2016 04:49:38
Dear All,

I have created a payment module on Odoo 8 to connect to payment provider. One of the bank requirement is to connect with TLS 1.2 protocol. But when i try to connect using requests module using ssl, the connection erros out.

After digging i have found that Odoo 8 by default uses python 2.7.6 which contains openSSL version 0.9.8. In my development i have upgraded to python version 2.7.9 which contains openSSL version 1.0.1j. Now when i try to connect the gateway the connection happens and doesnt error out.

My question is that I use windows installer for Odoo 8 to install on windows machine which comes with python v2.7.6. Now how to upgrade this Odoo 8 to use python v2.7.9 instead of 2.7.6.

Any help on this shall be greatly appreciated.