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RE: V8: Assets - Purchase, is well linked? account_asset_management

Noviat s.a., Luc De Meyer
- 08/07/2016 14:51:35



The ‘account_asset_management’ module generates assets based upon accounting entries.


If you want 5 different assets for 5 PC’s than you should make a purchase invoice with 5 lines and ensure that the ‘group entries’ for the purchase journal has not been set (or ensure 5 different accounting lines e.g. by putting 5 different cost centers).


There is no way an asset management module can know how assets encoded on a purchase invoice should be grouped into single or separate assets (you may e.g. have separate lines for screen & cpu but both belonging to the same asset, in this case the ‘group entries’ option should be set).


For cases where it’s not clear, I recommend to encode the purchase invoice(s) via an interim account and make an ‘miscellaneous’ journal entry to combine the different elements that make up an asset (maybe coming from different invoices) into a single entry on the asset account.




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From: Houssine BAKKALI []
Sent: donderdag 4 augustus 2016 14:27
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Subject: Re: V8: Assets - Purchase, is well linked? account_asset_management


Hi Juan, odoo asset module management is more an account management of the assets than what we could think when talking about asset management. I don't know if the oca module for asset management behave differently. You maybe have to give a try. Just note that it's incompatible with the standard module.


Le 2 août 2016 01:13, "Juan Vidal Luis" <> a écrit :

Hello Community,

I'd been testing the account_asset_management module and so far, so solid. However (included the standard asset module by Odoo), when I specify a product and it has a quantity different than 1, does not the system register each product?

I mean, if I register 5 computers with USD 1000 unit price... I expect to have for the same invoice, 5 assets new entries inside the assets module but it only register 1 record with USD 5000 value.

Does anyone have a patch for it already?


Juan Vidal

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