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Re: website_version 10.0 licence

- 08/04/2016 06:31:10
Hi Martin,

Thanks a lot for your explanation. To give more insights, me and Nicolas were planning to develop an open-source alternative of the versioning feature in the CMS and reverse it to the OCA, even now we didn't look at the code to make sure that we were not influenced by the official module.

According to us, we just can't use the CMS without the versioning feature. Without it, either you take the risk to break your website each time you make a modification, or you have to generate your code on a development platform, move the generated HTML code in a module, and commit/deploy on production. This is an extremely painful process, not accessible to non-technical customers and which remove most of the benefits of the WYSIWYG interface.

So this versioning module is one of our priority now, finding an old AGPL version of it was an extremely good surprise but, aside of legal question, we still want to be sure that you're ok with what is happening because if we start from it the OCA version and the proprietary version will be extremely similar.

Of course you don't have to worry about authoring/license aspect. I also want to thank you for your recommendable reaction, recognizing that the module is AGPL even if it's publication was an error.

Best regards,

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Le 04/08/2016 10:57, Martin Trigaux a écrit :
On 04/08/16 10:42, Andreas Becker wrote:
> Hi Martin Thanks for clarifying, but so it can be also the base of an
> AGPL website_version module which will work in V 9.0 community version -
> It could be adjusted to the community version and than be released under

As for any code released on the public github repository (you can also 
find the module in the history of the master branch), you can always use 
it as a starting point of your development work as long as you respect 
the authoring/license.
So yes, feel free to use the master version from apps for your port.

Martin Trigaux

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