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Re: website_version 10.0 licence

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 08/04/2016 04:13:50

This is actually an old version of the module.

The Apps website always keeps the latest version of a module for each 
version (7, 8 9 and master) and do not delete it if a module disappear 
from the repository. It is very common that submitters mistakenly 
removes a module from their repo (e.g. do not really understand apps 
just fetch the source from their repo) or that it goes offline so 
removing a module is done manually.

So at one point, website_version was in master community branch (during 
development, before v9 release) and finally was integrated into 9.0 
Enterprise instead.
During this pre-release phase, apps published the website_version and we 
did not delete it (because we forgot) when the 9.0 was released.

So it means on the URL, you got a version of the module *before* the 9.0 
release. So I do not advise to use it because it is probably not working 
very well (or at all) and is not updated anymore.
We will remove this master version of the module as it is confusing and 

Actually published the master version of module on apps is not so useful 
(as changing all the time) so not sure we will keep publishing it.

Regarding the license, the module was in master before the release of 
v9, before the change of license so it is theoretically still under 
AGPL. When we changed the license, we took the opportunity to clean the 
licenses ( because it was 
not really clear.


On 03/08/16 17:39, Nicolas Petit wrote:
> The website_version module on the master branch appears to be GPL3 as
> per the download page
> (right here
> : )
> Also, the files do not contain any kind of licence information.
> I'm wondering if I can really use this version of the module as GPL
> allows or if it's some kind of mistake, since previous versions were
> under Odoo proprietary licence.

Martin Trigaux