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Re: Odoo telephony module for Twilio

- 08/02/2016 10:02:05

This will be a paid module in the app store. Asterisk would take a ton of work to add and there are already modules for it. The nice thing about about Twilio is that it's relatively cheap and very quick to setup and no need to run your own server.

Those are good suggestions, I know Twilio has real-time queue statistics we can tap into and also web to call functionality we'd like to add in later versions. I'd like to build a call back option where users who are stuck in a long queue can press 1 to have the system call them back when an agent is free.

We're still working on voicemail functionality, the first step is to have employee and department level voicemails. Might email mp3 of voice mail to users who are mobile or build a mobile client in Xamarin that dials out from twilio number and allows playing voicemails.

On Tue, Aug 2, 2016, 5:22 AM <> wrote:
Hi Chris,

your module looks fantastic. Is the code public?

Here some additional functionalities:

- Service provider abstraction. Use Asterisk in place of Twilio.
- Create a global Dialer integrated with mail.mass_mailing.campaign with option to set multiple concurrent calls
- Queue statistics like: 
Answered calls by agent, 
Answered calls by queue
Answered & Unanswered calls by disconnection
Answered& Unanswered hold time distribution
Answered calls time distribution
Unanswered calls by queue
Distribution by hours
Distribution by queue
- Bind an action when transferring call to an extension to show the partner form or show a log record in edit mode
- Personal settings for employees where they define a follow-me number, voicemail box password, etc.
- Real Time calls&queue monitoring: spy, shadow, conference + Sales by agent, Sales by queue.


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ITpedia Solutions is working on a module for Odoo 9 (Community and Enterprise) that connects to Twilio's api and allows a company to build a very advanced phone tree in just a few minutes with deep integration into CRM.

We're looking for feedback in terms of what additional functionality you'd like to see. 

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