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Fwd: Accounting Journal items Created from saling goods by POS and Sales on Odoo 9 not same?

- 07/25/2016 00:04:08

 Dear Community,

I am new in both Odoo 9 and accounting term.
I try to watch the journal items created by sale some goods with POS Module and Sales Module in Odoo 9:

Sales Module:
No Proses Debet Credit
1 Invoice Acc. Receivable Product Sales

Expense Stock Interm Acc. (Delivered)
2 Delivery Stock Interm Acc. (Delivered) Stock Valuation Acc.
3 Payment Cash Acc. Receivable

POS Module :
No Proses Debet Credit
1 POS Acc. Receivable Product Sales

Stock Interm Acc. (Delivered) Stock Valuation Acc.

Cash Account Receivable

POS module do not have journal the Expense (Debet) with Stock Interm Acc.(Delivered) (Credit).

My application is for retail that need to do sale goods with both POS and Sales module.

I think I need to add this missing POS Journal, so the accounting system (profit-loss report, balance-sheet report, etc) do not go wrong. Am I true?
How can I address this missing journal to POS transaction?
Any help and comment will be highly appreciated.

Thanks + regards,