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Re: Version 10 ODOO

Cody Kitterman
- 07/24/2016 04:30:25

"Whenever you improve a little the system, you require all developers to lose another good time redoing..." 

Such is the life of a software developer, sir: plan–do–check–adjust, plan–do–check–adjust... Losing "good time" is what we get paid for...

Systems development life cycle

Still, what you're defending is cruft"you need to backport a backport's backports while porting over to something like Python 3"―which rather than simplifying development, actually complicates it. In fact, your references to MS and Adobe products makes that case better than I ever could...

That said, if we had those automated change logs (via gitchangelog) that I had proposed...
Inline image 1

The ones I caught so much flak over, back in may... The process might be as simple as something like this...

Developer, looks at change log: "Oh! Says here that 'xy' is deprecated, that we should use 'yz', instead..."

[developer@project-modules odoo]$: grep -rn 'xy'
Developer: "Hmmm... Yep... Sweet..."
[developer@project-modules odoo]cp `grep -l "xy" *` tmp/
[developer@project-modules odoo]$: grep -rl 'xy' | xargs sed -i 's/xy/yz/g'

Cody K.
"The lyf so short, the craft so longe to lerne." ―Chaucer

On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 10:33 PM, Andreas Becker <> wrote:
Hi all

I hope you have a nice Sunday morning!

It is really interesting to read this thread as Claudio you are absolutely right!

And unfortunately you get stock with the same all other great initiatives here get stuck to improve the community versions with community ideas.

The problem is actually the community itself!

Read the arguments and compare them with the arguments of the same people when new ideas have been brought to the community

Throw in a nice 6 or 7 figures amount and/or a couple of dozens of
developers and we are all more than happy to follow your arguments.

There is this money argument.

Anybody who cant come aboard and collaborate, please dont ride n just get out of d way!

All such arguments actually have only one purpose - Stop any kind of progress as fast of possible as it might be to disruptive for the writers own businesses if they could not follow anymore the dictating Odoo S.A, or even would have a great choice between a great feature rich community branch and the closed commercial branch.

Could you send us your Github user in order to see you contributions? Then we can evaluate why you have a problem where for example I don’t have it.

Odoo is now in the top 20 GitHub python projects according to the number of forks. Do you know this?

This can be a good but usually is a bad sign too. Many forks might not even be listed here i.e. ours. 

Do you know how many lines of code free of charge do you have in Odoo? Who made this before? Then what are you talking about:

Let's ask - So you know how many customers have brought to Odoo, OpenERP, Tinyerp thanks to the fact that people where offering this piece of software which has been developed from many different people who knew before they started to contribute, that their work could be available for free and even been copied or modified and exchanged and .... Thanks to GNU! If people don't like that, why are they contributing to it? Are they perhaps benefitting from it too? Are they happy that people can give great support and advertise Odoo even they never contributed a piece of code?

If coders think they can exist without all those people contributing their time to sell and promote Odoo even they know they sell a very unstable piece of software which is facing perhaps more license changes in future like in all the past years and much more work to be done to catch up with compatibility issues etc. All those people might are the ones bringing you jobs ;-)

So all coders who don't agree 100% with GNU GPL AGPL LGPL simply don't contribute to GNU GPL AGPL LGPL. It is such as easy. But for sure you will be soon have to close down your businesses! Bye Bye!

Simply think about one simple thing?

Why did WordPress become so big, so feature rich, why can you download their GNU Modules from sites which offer them for free like free beer following the GNU GPL idea and why in parallel still companies grow big with WordPress even their modules find the way in such a repository. 

The answer is very simple!

They have GREAT Support!
Great support in the community!
Great support through those companies which sell their GNU GPL v.2 Modules for big money, even they know everyone would be entitled to copy, reuse and modify them!
People - Users and Developers, Marketers and Integrators are much more willing to pay for support in the Wordpress Community than they will ever be in the Odoo Community or TYPO3 Community.

While the TYPO3 Community is great for Nerds and developers - people focussing on Usability or points of use from the endusers side are usually fast no more seen.

The other extreme is the Odoo Community. Here you find lots of people who like to have a modularised system they can sell and easily set up even they have no idea about coding at all. And of course people who say that they ran software companies for x years before Odoo etc.

But the most important thing is missing in both of these extreme communities - Friendliness which welcomes those who bring in ideas and new fresh wind!

All those discussions will have always again and again the same end - NOTHING will be changed - absolutely nothing.

Sorry to say this Claudio but the only way to bring in real changes is to contact those in charge of the piece of unstable software itself and try to convince them to make it more stable. All discussions here on the list will lead you to absolutely no result and even much more frustration, as those in charge don't comment here. They probably lean back - amused - rubbing their hands, as they know already that they can count on always the same people which stop all kind of similar initiatives which might would cause a rethinking for Odoo itself if they would proceed if they could not be stopped.

But so Odoo can continue its game like all those years before.

Enjoy your day like we enjoy ours here


On Sun, Jul 24, 2016 at 7:02 AM, Optimum OSS Tech Support <> wrote:

Agree! In this fast changing IT landscape, agility, flexibility, dynamically disruptive is d name of d game. Anybody who cant keep with d fast pace changes will be doomed!

Big IT companies are gone and their towers have been crumbled with their old biz model. Open Source Software leads the disruptive n technological changes and Odoo is one of them. Gone are d days of commercial and closed software. There's no software apps that cant be built using OSS. Odoo is technologically in d right direction for disruptive changes. Anybody who cant come aboard and collaborate, please dont ride n just get out of d way!

Regards :)
ACT, Australia

On Sunday, 24 July 2016, Rafael Blasco <> wrote:

HI Claudio,


Could you send us your Github user in order to see you contributions? Then we can evaluate why you have a problem where for example I don’t have it.


I think you should move from Odoo to another great application then. And please let me know which one (don’t forget: OpenSource, I don’t want to pay licenses, just subscription for a big value)


-          How many applications were no compatible between different versions of Microsoft Windows? Billions

As I know Odoo work in a Web browser from many version. I can buy an iPhone 10 and Odoo will be compatible.

-          How much money have spent companies to maintain software? Bank spent billions in 50 years old software that it’s still running… They could make 4 or 5 different Open Source ERP with that money.


I don’t understand what do you talk about:


-          Do you know how many lines of code free of charge do you have in Odoo? Who made this before? Then what are you talking about:


My biggest interest and the management of quality and any company who has a quality management system in order and cut waste and have a lean and profitable production. A system that wastes time and money, throwing away all that was done earlier and losing money, it has no commercial value. And as a DNA broken only produces sterile son. Company with quality system knows recycle waste and make this a profit.


Sorry Claudio, what are you talking about? Odoo has change in the World the way how Companies must work with ERP and furthermore and the most important: Odoo has generate a very big amount of profit to thousands of companies Worldwide. Thanks to Odoo Companies both, Odoo providers and Odoo customers, have appear and now is money and work in many countries with an incredible commercial value.


-          Odoo is now in the top 20 GitHub python projects according to the number of forks. Do you know this?


If is so complicated, how Odoo makes to maintain and guarantee version after version the migration?


For me Odoo is the most complete Open Source Business Solution. For others Odoo is the only interesting thing has happened management software from existing management software.


Disruptive = Odoo


IMHO you are should change the way of thinking and developing with Odoo as World and Technologies move to fast and we must follow the trail. Odoo do. As now you think like: “I want all from robust, expensive, rigid and old software in the new flexible, open, growing software”

Very kind regards,



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