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Re: Version 10 ODOO

bon david
- 07/23/2016 19:58:52

Agree! In this fast changing IT landscape, agility, flexibility, dynamically disruptive is d name of d game. Anybody who cant keep with d fast pace changes will be doomed!

Big IT companies are gone and their towers have been crumbled with their old biz model. Open Source Software leads the disruptive n technological changes and Odoo is one of them. Gone are d days of commercial and closed software. There's no software apps that cant be built using OSS. Odoo is technologically in d right direction for disruptive changes. Anybody who cant come aboard and collaborate, please dont ride n just get out of d way!

Regards :)
ACT, Australia

On Sunday, 24 July 2016, Rafael Blasco <> wrote:

HI Claudio,


Could you send us your Github user in order to see you contributions? Then we can evaluate why you have a problem where for example I don’t have it.


I think you should move from Odoo to another great application then. And please let me know which one (don’t forget: OpenSource, I don’t want to pay licenses, just subscription for a big value)


-          How many applications were no compatible between different versions of Microsoft Windows? Billions

As I know Odoo work in a Web browser from many version. I can buy an iPhone 10 and Odoo will be compatible.

-          How much money have spent companies to maintain software? Bank spent billions in 50 years old software that it’s still running… They could make 4 or 5 different Open Source ERP with that money.


I don’t understand what do you talk about:


-          Do you know how many lines of code free of charge do you have in Odoo? Who made this before? Then what are you talking about:


My biggest interest and the management of quality and any company who has a quality management system in order and cut waste and have a lean and profitable production. A system that wastes time and money, throwing away all that was done earlier and losing money, it has no commercial value. And as a DNA broken only produces sterile son. Company with quality system knows recycle waste and make this a profit.


Sorry Claudio, what are you talking about? Odoo has change in the World the way how Companies must work with ERP and furthermore and the most important: Odoo has generate a very big amount of profit to thousands of companies Worldwide. Thanks to Odoo Companies both, Odoo providers and Odoo customers, have appear and now is money and work in many countries with an incredible commercial value.


-          Odoo is now in the top 20 GitHub python projects according to the number of forks. Do you know this?


If is so complicated, how Odoo makes to maintain and guarantee version after version the migration?


For me Odoo is the most complete Open Source Business Solution. For others Odoo is the only interesting thing has happened management software from existing management software.


Disruptive = Odoo


IMHO you are should change the way of thinking and developing with Odoo as World and Technologies move to fast and we must follow the trail. Odoo do. As now you think like: “I want all from robust, expensive, rigid and old software in the new flexible, open, growing software”

Very kind regards,



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