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V9 WSGI and cronworkers (own instance) - dont seem to run

Arjan Duijs
- 07/23/2016 12:00:35

To run cron jobs for an Odoo deployment as a WSGI application requires

  • a classical Odoo (run via
  • connected to the database in which cron jobs have to be run (via -d)
  • which should not be exposed to the network. To ensure cron runners are not network-accessible, it is possible to disable the built-in HTTP server entirely with --no-xmlrpc or setting xmlrpc = False in the configuration file
I have started an odoo instance with the following command:

python --addons-path=/home/josesapelli/webapps/odoo/odoo/addons,/home/josesapelli/webapps/odoo/odoo/openerp/addons --logfile=/home/josesapelli/logs/user/odoo-cronworker.log -d=postgresql --db_port=28817 --no-xmlrpc

2016-07-23 15:45:05,555 17073 INFO ? openerp: OpenERP version 9.0c
2016-07-23 15:45:05,555 17073 INFO ? openerp: addons paths: ['/home/josesapelli/.local/share/Odoo/addons/9.0', u'/home/josesapelli/webapps/odoo/odoo/addons', u'/home/josesapelli/webapps/odoo/odoo/openerp/addons']
2016-07-23 15:45:05,555 17073 INFO ? openerp: database: josesapelli@localhost:28817
2016-07-23 15:45:05,745 17073 INFO =postgresql openerp.modules.loading: loading 1 modules...
2016-07-23 15:45:05,757 17073 INFO =postgresql openerp.modules.loading: 1 modules loaded in 0.01s, 0 queries
2016-07-23 15:45:05,765 17073 INFO =postgresql openerp.modules.loading: loading 14 modules...
2016-07-23 15:45:05,813 17073 INFO =postgresql Will use the Wkhtmltopdf binary at /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf
2016-07-23 15:45:05,848 17073 INFO =postgresql openerp.modules.loading: 14 modules loaded in 0.08s, 0 queries
2016-07-23 15:45:06,136 17073 INFO =postgresql openerp.modules.loading: Modules loaded.
2016-07-23 15:46:05,810 17073 INFO =postgresql GC'd 0 user log entries

which seems to run fin, however the "scheduled actions" still arent running.
I double checked with the server time and the time scheduled. but no luck.

Any suggestion on what i might be missing?