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Fwd: Building a Twilio integration module

- 07/14/2016 16:25:02
I'm in the process of building a Twilio integration module for Odoo 9 and would like to get some feedback on what features I should put in it. Unlike the other Twilio integration modules on the app store the focus is on the voice integration side of things. 

I have a basic module put together that does a lookup in Odoo CRM for the customer and says "Welcome Chris Jones. Thank you for calling Company Name". Then I give them a couple of prompts. One prompt is for order status. It looks up their last order and reads them the carrier, tracking number and latest tracking updates we pull live from the carrier without the customer being required to enter any info, just from caller id. It pulls this from our Shipping Module that we'll be releasing over the next month or so (quite a bit more advanced than what comes in Enterprise edition). 

Some features I'm specing out are:

- Employee extensions
- Transfer to assigned to sales rep (part of a commissions module we're building)
- Record calls and save the MP3 to Odoo along with transcription of call. If the customer calls back in again the rep can quickly scan the call transcription to get an idea of how the last call went. 
- Conference bridge
- Basic phone tree configuration from Odoo
- Call queue where employees are assigned one or more area (Sales, Customer Service, Tech Support)
- Account balance lookup
- Warm transfer between extensions

The existing Twilio modules on the app store are focused on SMS messaging. I'm not going to bother with that and instead focus on improving on the horrible experience that is calling into just about any phone system where you ultimately just scream get me a real human being and smash your phone on your desk 10 times.