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Re: Please stop all my Emails

Otto Marroquin
- 07/12/2016 19:54:21

I think that Odoo, S.A. should help these "trapped" people... and let them out the list ...

There have been several other compliants in the past about not beeing able to unsubscribe ...

On 2016-07-12 17:22, Christoph Matt wrote:

the same as I have tried it.

On 12.07.2016 17:21, Toyoshi Honda wrote:
Do you mean the url as below?
I several times tried to 'Unscribe' by clicking the button on the web page, just failed to Unscribe mails.
The page is really confusing and may trap us to Subscribe mails for all topcs.
Once trapped, Never allow anyone to escape, Hauntiing!! Waooooo Hauting Odoo!!!!....