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Re: Version 10 ODOO

- 07/11/2016 17:17:11
I am curious to know why Tryton has so many less active contributors and partners than Odoo.

Active contributors (commits in May 2010)Tryton: 40Odoo: 245

On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 6:51 AM, Dominique Chabord <> wrote:
2016-07-11 12:29 GMT+02:00 Christophe Hanon <>:
> Dominique,
> I am not talking about replacing anything,

I didn't say you did ;-)

> We know the story,

I don't think every body knows it.

> the scripts were released in the past - so does Tryton btw.

Yes they were released, but so buggy the users made a fun with them,
and No Tryton doesn't do so. Tryton has rewritten the kernel and
implemented the component-base upgrade approach which deals with data
formats and xml data. Upgrade is tested as a core feature and for
every additional module and This is how upgrade process is fully
automated on Tryton.
When you upgrade Tryton, you don't run external scripts to re-format
the database.

> And were as much as possible modular.... so is open-upgrade.
> What I regret is that energy is lost for writing scripts that  already
> exist....

Yes, I agree, this is the rule of proprietary software.

> I know that migration will never be 100% automated, but anythng that can
> minimize the pain is welcome as it is usually a pain to sell to customers.

The customer should be informed of this since the beginning, because
there is no surprise in this.

> Kr
> Christophe

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