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Re: [Bitnami Community] [Odoo/OpenERP] PayPal doesn't work ODOO 9 0620

- 07/11/2016 04:01:29
Damian, thank you, I am going to try what you suggested now.

On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 2:53 AM, dbo-odoo <> wrote:
July 11


Don't know where to post this other than here; if you have other reporting channels I didn't find them.

Anyway, it would seem that the Odoo stack install the gevent python library with version 1.0.1; our requirements are 1.0.2 or later (see our python libs requirements).

I think a simple pip install gevent --upgrade in the stack should solve this (it did install 1.1.1 in my tests); but I don't know who's maintaining the image (it's not us). Would be nice to bump the version in the stack.


Damien Bouvy
Odoo Technical Support

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July 9

Yep I have been through all the threads on github related to the issue, including that one!

I have engaged in some conversation via the odoo community mailing list.
I have read that some say it is related to the deployment and something related to a "reverse proxy"

Please note i'm not a developer, I have just learned what I have to get where I have so far. I knew nothing of python, apache, cloud servers until I set out to get this running. I have it all running great so far, except thus ONE issue

Could you have a look at the odoo community thread and perhaps interject where needed?
Well I can't even find the archives and replys, but I can forward the emails to you...

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