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Re: Odoo vs Apache OFBiz?

- 07/09/2016 21:24:53
Thank you Dominique,
On Jul 9 2016, at 9:07 am, Dominique Chabord <> wrote:

2016-07-09 8:26 GMT+02:00 Slim BHIRI - سليم البحيري <>:

Hello All,

I think that the community version should have a lead entity, a clearer/organised workflow to let us contributing. What do you think ?
​Odoo-Community is not managed by a community. It is the core of Odoo-Enter​prise, published under an free license by Odoo.
The community around Odoo, in particular OCA, did not make the decision to fork it and diverge. OCB is a set of custom modules on a stabilized version of Odoo-Community instead. Therefore roadmap of Odoo-Community mainly depends on Odoo's will.

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