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Re: In my opinion on the menus of OpenERP (odoo10)

Andi Becker
- 07/08/2016 20:40:17

On Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 9:57 PM, Claudio Araujo Santos <> wrote:
he system must recognise and work with the modules from previous versions without errors.

This is the most important factor as than customers would not be afraid and worried to update and upgrade on time and regularly. Continuity is also the biggest factor for keeping customers on a long term base.

Unfortunately until now an upgrade usually breaks lots of things. You can see this also on the fact that until now only very few community modules which work just perfect in Version 8 have been converted to version 9. It will be even less which will be converted to Version 10 for sure as again I assume that things will break to make Enterprise more and more a stand alone way for those who would like to have some kind of continuity.

On the other hand to keep modules working with previous versions is also a deadend and slow down way. Already much to many versions in TinyERP, OpenERP up to Odoo were build with just the opposite in mind. As a result you still have Openerp sites 6 and 7 running as it is much to difficult to upgrade hem to a newer version. Beside that many of those sites were build as 100% Open Source Products with no closed source stuff in mind even.
Upgrading to 8 still might be possible as 8 is actually the last real great OpenERP/Odoo release and after that lots of stuff are simply missing, got changed, have reduced usability (i.e. accounting which makes it unusable in community edition, i guess the same will happen now with the new MRP module which had been developed even in parallel to a Community MRP module which perhaps would suite most cases much better anyway. It would be interesting to get a comparison of those 2 modules - Odoo S.A, MRP and Community MRP)

The points you listed up there would be a great community goal thow but as most of them partnered with Odoo S.A. I doubt that there will be any effort to get a sup[er equipped Community Version up and running