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Re: Version 10 ODOO

- 07/08/2016 17:49:01


Whatever you do, on any framework, you have to port the code of the addons when the framework evolves.
There isn't such a thing as auto-update of the code.
Nevertheless, I agree that the Odoo framework is pretty unstable since its infancy. For example, report engine has moved continuously over the 10 past years, ORM API changes have spanned over 4 releases, and python 3 is still ahead. Therefore, when you use/develop modules you have to care about long term roadmap of the module, which doesn't exist for many modules and this is not going to change.

But all your examples are not about code, but data format reformatting from version to version (pdf, autocad etc). It is a different question than code porting. On that side, Odoo never wanted to support auto-reformatting of the database to support software updates. Odoo drew some business out of their upgrade services. This is why Odoo V9 won't read an OpenERP V6 database, even if all modules have been ported from V6 to V9. In that perspective, OpenUpgrade make some "reverse engineering" to repair afterwards a key functionality which is missing in the core.