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- 07/08/2016 16:34:30
The arguments are very weak regarding the compatibility of OpenERP modules. Lack quality in the development of the system. There are international standards for systems development. These standards internal and external quality has features and sub-features
• Adequacy, which measures how much the feature set is appropriate to the user's needs;
• accuracy (or accuracy) is the software's ability to provide accurate results or accuracy within what was agreed / requested;
• Interoperability which deals with the way the software interacts with the other (s) system (s) specified;
• Security measures to protect the user information system capacity and provide them only (and always) to authorized persons. Security may also be directed at generating process and store the information;
• Compliance deals with standardization, policies and standards of a project;
• Maturity, understood as the software's ability to prevent failures due to defects in the software;
• Fault Tolerance representing the software's ability to maintain the proper functioning even when there are defects in it or in its external interfaces;
• Recoverability that focuses on the ability of software to recover after a failure, restoring their performance levels and recovering your data;
• Intelligibility that is the ease with which the user can understand its features and assess whether it can be used to meet their specific needs;
• Learnability identifies the system's ease of learning for its potential users;
• Operability is how the product facilitates its operation by the user, including how he tolerates operating errors;
• Protection against user errors: how product can prevent user errors;
• Aesthetics / Attractiveness: involves features that can attract potential user to the system, which can include everything from the adequacy of the information provided for the user to visual refinements used in its graphical user interface;
• Accessibility: refers to inclusive practice of software that can be used by all people who have disabilities or not. When the software is properly designed, developed and edited, all users can have equal access to information and functionality.
• Behavior in Relation to Time assessing whether the response times (or processing) are within specifications;
• Use of Resources that measures both the resources consumed as the system's ability to use the available resources;
• analyzability identifies the facility in diagnosing any problems and identify the causes of defects or failures;
• Modifiability characterizes the ease with which the software behavior can be modified;
• Stability assesses the software's ability to avoid side effects of modifications;
• Testability is the ability to test the modified system, as well as the new features as those not directly affected by the change;
• Adaptability representing the software's ability to adapt to different environments without the need for additional actions (settings);
• Ability to be installed identifies the ease with which the system can be installed in a new environment;
• Coexistence measures how easily coexists with other software installed in the same environment;
• to replace capacity is the capacity of the system must replace another system specified in a particular context of use and environment. This attribute interacts with both adaptability and with the ability to be installed; I just want a simple answer. a pattern to develop modules in version 7 has been created and this pattern would be applied to all versions. Why not keep the standard and makes the modules created in previous versions work in the new versions without modification?

2016-07-08 17:22 GMT-03:00 Nhomar Hernandez <>:

On Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 2:57 PM, robert rottermann <> wrote:
the situation as it is now is plain ridiculous.
This time I think you are right from odoo's perpective.

BUT, Do you know openupgrade?

There is some tools like that there.

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