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Re: Version 10 ODOO

- 07/08/2016 14:03:47
The OpenERP modules or app is not compatible with the new versions. A module version 7 does not work in version 8, 9 or 10 the system can not maintain compatibility between their versions An example you draw something in Autocad 2010 and then open this drawing in 2016 works a wonder you can not do the reverse, but you did not lose your job you have designed in 2010. This applies to any software that changed version. But with OpenERP you have to redo all the codes of modules to run in the new version, that is a waste of time and money, the system has to accept to work with what was already done, without having to mess with is already working .

2016-07-08 14:12 GMT-03:00 Nhomar Hernandez <>:

2016-07-08 9:17 GMT-05:00 Claudio Araujo Santos <>:
t. A new version has to work with what already exists from the previous version is not, is not a new version but a new system. Put it this heads. Nobody will pay to have to type all over again, make the system work 100% with what already exists.
In version 10 of ODOO fix the code to work with the modules of versions 8 and 9, there will be a yes update odoo it will not be masis new software with the face of odoo

I live all the changes from odoo since version 5.0.

And never rewrote 100%  of my code (you can see a history of > 15000 commits in the last 5 years here:)

You will see there Ugly things, bad done things deprecated things... deleted things...

I meant, those statements are not True (but they are not a total lie).

IF you are trying to point that they should be more document friendly and explain better some technical decisions, then YES I agree 1000%.

BUT if the statement is that they do not respect the backguard compatibility, you are wrong because neither is new, neither is unnanounced, and they have > 4000 lines of code to maintain the shitty 7.0 code because even them have the same problem of time to migrate all.

- My point.... Make this FUD do not help too much.
- Plan yourself better, remember you have access to master always.
- make issues and issues and issues... YES some times they make mistakes (I can asure that) but it is more frequent when they make great changes.

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