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Re: Newbie question: Backups, Code Repositories & Restoration

Elico Corporation, Eric Caudal
- 07/08/2016 08:32:25
Via Odoo:
* The simplest/easiest, you can back up/restore through the web interface. This is only good for the start and when really no other option is available (odoo online?)
* some community modules allow to generate regular backup from Odoo itself

Probably the most standard is to back up from the OS
* Daily script to backup the PG database + script based to backup the filestore combined with rsync. the filestore is the folder in the OS which contains all attachments
* Bacula server is tricky to set up but very powerful for multi-server back up centralization.
* for mono server, I prefer rdiff-backup tool which is based on rsync and extremely simple and powerful

For the core file it depends how you get them ;):
* If you have a CVS system (git/github/lp/svn/bitbucket), this is probably not necessary. You can repull any time from the repo
* If you use docker, you just need to back up Dockerfile and docker-compose files
* you might need to back up some other configuration files (nginx etc.)

Those method are compatible with S3 AFAIK (which is the destination directory outside the server if I remember well)

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On 07/08/2016 08:07 PM, Scott Bowler wrote:

Hi Guys,

We're implementing Odoo for our business and I was hoping to clarify a few things about best practices. During my trials (using EC2 instances) I've managed to break the installation a number of times (which is no problem as I just fire up a new instance).

As we edge closer to production use, I was wondering what the best practices are for backing up (and restoring) an Odoo installation if things break, specifically:

  • Do the odoo core files need to be backed up? We use Mecurial and Bitbucket to manage our codebase for our proprietary systems - should/can we be doing the same for Odoo?
  • When using the database management feature to do the backup, it asks if we just want to include the filestore - what exactly is in this filestore? There seem to be a lot of folders

I was also wondering if there's a straightforward way to backup to a private S3, and an equally straightforward way to restore a backup from S3.

Thanks very much in advance,

Scott Bowler
Marketing Technology Manager
Tel: 01746 766848

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