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Proper configuration for Paypal ipn to integrate properly into odoo for ecommerce in odoo9

The Vape Bar, Fash Fadaei
- 07/07/2016 09:18:59

Greetings, I am struggling in several projects to properly configure PayPal to work with Odoo 9.  It seems to work fine until it returns to the website and I get “Method Not Allowed” (See Screen Capture Below)

I am using Domain Filtering.  The Site URL is  .

Following the instructions given HERE, I have set the ipn address in PayPal to:


The payment is being processed by PayPal, but the ipn does not seem to be getting through in Odoo as the order is never taken beyond “Quote” even though the payment is processed.


I have searched extensively and cannot seem to find a solution that works to solve this problem.  Please help me determine how to properly configure Paypal ipn integration in Odoo 9.


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Fash Fadaei, Executive Director

Vape Jam llc.


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