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Re: Odoo vs Apache OFBiz?

Andi Becker
- 07/06/2016 21:46:37

On Thu, Jul 7, 2016 at 7:41 AM, Fabien Pinckaers <> wrote:

You are wrong. Let me repeat it one more time:
- the community version is very important to Odoo
- we have no plan to let the community version down, and it will always be a great product for users
- the community version will continue to improve quickly as we invest in it, and community members contribute to it.

This is true for all so called Open Source Projects which have their closed source projects running in parallel.

1. & 2. The community version is usually part of their business model as it is a much cheaper way to test out things and get much more feedback from those who than might be interested in the Enterprise Edition too. Also most of those projects would have a bit of a problem when they would close down the community project completely. People would fork it and even take the most of the community with them. To avoid such a scenario those companies which have their main focus on the enterprise edition will simply continue the support for the community version and contribute all stuff to it which benefits also the enterprise edition but what simply would depend also on that community edition and is no real risk so that the community edition would get better than enterprise.

3. Exactly community members are a great resource for all companies who build on open source software projects. The same applies to those who build their feature rich Enterprise Versions on it too.


Concerning OfBiz I agree 100% with Nhomar and Ferdinand. Simply stay away from it as it will be a dead end seen longterm.
Openbravo is a world leader in the professional open source enterprise software space and focused on helping organizations to achieve superior competitiveness. Global market leaders prefer Openbravo.

This is what they say and it is pretty similar to how Odoo S.A. is presenting Odoo. 
Beside this it is Java too. ;-)

Real alternatives to Odoo you would need to search elsewhere than in the Java world.

Have you checked out Tryton - It might fit your needs the best if you are not happy with the business model of Odoo. Tryton had been forked from Odoo, it is already in Python 3 it has great modules in community edition which you would only get in the enterprise edition of Odoo. This might be the best alternative to what you are looking for.

ERPNext is very good and suites your needs to but it has no website builder!

The website builder of Odoo is actually a feature hardly to find in other ERP Systems and the one of Odoo is really good and one main reason why especially smaller companies start being very interested in Odoo. They start with their website and add more and more features later on and than perhaps even move to Enterprise.

If your customers are looking for a real easy to manage system which has most of features of odoo but most of them with much better usability for endusers than try the newcomer.
It is really worth giving it a try. It is 100% opensource and has a very fast growing community around them as more and more people seem to try and switch or enhance their portfolio with it. It has very intuitive interfaces, The CMS is build in and you won't have any more problems to build reports and formulars as it is really easy!

But as said it is a newcomer and most people haven't probably not even heard about it until now. New kids on the block have their own image problems while Odoo has already a proven record of customers which us Odoo - This can change fast in future if more and more features will only be available in Enterprise Versions of ERP and eCommerce Systems. Its pullsystem and MRP are exceptional well done and easy to handle - Odoo could learn from them! Most hosters can host it without any problem as it is written in PHP 5.5 and using MySQL/MariaDB.

All of those systems have their benefits and their downsides and I suggest that you best choose the system which suites you the best and which gives you the best run longterm!