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Re: conclusion? : formular generator in community

Cody Kitterman
- 07/06/2016 15:47:38
Mr. Rottermann:

The short answer is "no"; but, grep -rni "form builder", and take a look at addons/website_form... That said, having read a little bit about how Odoo's doing it, I've batted some ideas around and thought about adapting an approach:

PostgreSQL 9.5 bolsters ... NoSQL
Polymer Project: to make the most of Web COMPONENTS, a powerful new platform feature for extending HTML and componentizing your apps. (Talk of components should ring familiar, given the modularity of Odoo)
Example of Google's Polymer Project

summernote / summernote: Super simple WYSIWYG editor. (grep this too)
Bootstrap Components

Cody K.

On Tue, Jul 5, 2016 at 11:57 AM, robert rottermann <> wrote:
Hi there,
there was a discussion on whether there is a formular generator in odoo 
community editor.
What is the conclusion?

I would be interested in codevelopping/financing such a module..


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