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News + Odoo Experience 2016

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 07/06/2016 08:04:06

Odoo Experience, THE event of the year, will take place in Belgium, in October 5-7. There will be: 2000+ attendees, 150 free talks about new features and community modules, dozens of workshops, advanced training sessions, and evening parties...

To submit a talk proposal, go here:

The event is free. But the social side of Odoo Experience is amazing. To get the best out of the event, you should get the VIP access that is discounted until August 15 at 90€. It includes drinks & lunch for the 3 days, diners for wednesday+thursday and access to the evening parties like the Odoo band (concert by Odoo official developers, sales and consultants). Register here:
The firsts talks have been announced here, more info will follow:
Advanced training sessions are organized the two days before for experts:
  • Odoo 10 MRP full training
  • Advanced Accounting Training
  • Advanced Customizations without developments & Odoo Studio
  • Expert Sys Admins: deployment, perfomance and scaling
  • Introduction for Odoo Development (if you start with Odoo as a dev)
The cost of these training session is 1200€ for the 2 days, but is discounted at 950€ before August 15. More information about training sessions:
If you are a partner and want to exhibit in the exhibition hall, please contact your account managers, we still have a few booth left.

Unrelated Other News

We just released an accounting whitepaper comparing Xero, Quickbooks, Sage and Odoo. You can download it here:

We are still looking for contributors to help us translate the website (we uploaded the features page):

Tomorrow, an overview of Odoo MRP will be presented in Barcelona, Spain. Register here: