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Re: Incoming And Outgoing Mail Server

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 07/02/2016 07:00:13
normaly the server is configured to handle emails only for a given set of  ip addresses.
the config items to look at are mynetworks and smtpd_sender_restrictions (amongst other).
you can check their actual settings with:
postconf | grep mynetworks ..


On 02/07/2016 11:56, Abul Hassan M I wrote:

Most probably the problem is with your firewall and configuration.

Youip addresses.

If you are using postfix

can try disabling firewall to check if its connecting.

On Jul 2, 2016 3:18 PM, "needhal needhal" <> wrote:

i got this error while setting up outgoing mail 110 Connection timed out 
i have tested it with gmail server all works fine but when i do the same with my company domain  it fails  
i have for exemple i set up incoming and outgoing mail correctly , alias domain : 
i can't find the problem anyone lead me to the solution plz

my best regards

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