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Σχετ: Account expenses on Sales Invoice

- 07/01/2016 04:08:51
IMHO the work flow must be:

1. SO for customer 150€ => INVOICE for customer (sales/income) 150€=> PAYMENT from customer 150€
2. INVOICE for customer150€ =>INVOICE from external company (expenses) 50€ => PAYMENT to external company 50€. (Gross sales for the invoice 150€-50€=100€)

That will be the most common fiscal or accounting situation because the client must have a legal paper 
for ALL HIS EXPANSES (150€). 

The reverse thing is only usual: 100€ sales + 50€ expanses for the client = 150€ total invoiced to client

George Tarasidis

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Θέμα: Re: Account expenses on Sales Invoice

an external company pre-generate my customer's sales invoices.
Those invoices' total amount is the results of both the sales and the cost of sales related to this invoice.
I need to register both in the accounting.
Thank you. 
Yves Goldberg
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Odoo will use for both the "Income Account" on record in the product.
I understand pretty well what you **want to do**
But can you extend yourself a little in the "Why do you need to do such thing?".
IMHO you need an interim account/process to do what I suppose you need, but maybe I am supposing incorrectly.
I never saw such case.
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