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Customer feedback integration in Odoo

Adrien Vercaempst
- 06/29/2016 10:37:03
Hi community!

We have partly integrated Odoo with our Instant Feedback tool
We would like to have feedback from business and IT guys to see how to improve it or to give a demo.

CustomerSounds sends very short surveys (1 or 2 questions) during your customer journey or according to an event in your CRM in order to track your customer satisfaction.

Here is a 2 question survey

Questions are directly integrated in your email in order to increase the answer rate.
We have done tests with banking sector and car dealers and the answer rate was between 50 to 67% with a nicely designed questionnaire.

CustomerSounds has also a great satisfaction dashboard and can be a communication tool in order to turn your survey in a great communication plan.

We are working with an Odoo expert Julien Thewys for the product launching for Benelux and France but partners are also welcome.

If you would like like a demo you can add me on Skype: adrien_project

Make your customers SMILE!

Kind regards,

Adrien Vercaemps

T: +32 (0) 486 51 81 91