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Re: how I can cancel this command: odoo/openerp-server --no-database-list --save??

- 06/29/2016 09:27:16
Dear Omar,

I think you are not getting an answer here because it is a simple query which even you could have solved in the first place. Anyway I'll try to explain to you how it can be done.

The first thing which you need to understand is there is --help option in odoo.
If you had typed : ./ --help you could have seen this snippet

-s, --save          save configuration to ~/.openerp_serverrc

This clearly suggests that the operation you performed created a configuration file named ".openerp_serverrc" in your home directory.

How to reverse your action?
For this there are to methods:
i. Delete the configuration file and recreate it.
Open terminal and type
rm ~/.openerp_serverrc
Then start odoo server as you normally do.

ii. Edit the configuration file
Use your favourite text editor to edit ~/.openerp_serverrc file
In that file you can see an option
list_db = False
Edit it and make it
list_db = True

Hope this helps.

29.06.2016, 18:36, "omar frikha" <>:
> I explaine again our need:
> I want to cancel the select button and enabled db field of login view instead of selected database,
> I used this action: odoo/openerp-server --no-database-list --save
> as I said before
> the selection menu is hidden
> Now, I'm search how to cancel effect of this action in the Odoo
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Vinod Kumar K