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Re: tool to redirect emaill

- 06/28/2016 05:21:44
Hi Robert,

On 27/06/16 22:47, robert rottermann wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am loking for a way to redirect all mail of an odoo instance to either
> a disk file or to some dummy account.
Assuming you are running Odoo on Linux, you can (probably, didn't check 
on every MTA) write mails to local files instead of delivering them via 
SMTP to their 'real recipient'. For Postfix, see 
, notice the post about 'smtp-sink', a 
Postfix tool.

There, a tool called fakemail 
 is also mentioned, it's a 
<10kB python script that should also do the job and may come with some 
niceties you would have to script yourself when using Postfix afaict. 
This eliminates the need for having an SMTP server on the dev machine at 

You can of course use some Odoo module for that, but that means you 
can't use the same configuration for development and deployment as 
recommended here:  (Worth a read)