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Re: Paypal IPN and DPN

- 06/27/2016 05:51:02

The only thing that we made is install SSL security (https). I think that I will backup the website …

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El 27 jun 2016, a las 11:25, Nhomar Hernandez <> escribió:

On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 3:42 AM, Administracio <> wrote:
a) No, I didn’t

Did you change any configuration that includes some Url?, Paypal button, or something? I need to seee your paypal configuration but I am guessing here....
b) Nope, it’s the free version

Can you take the time to put the Issue in github, in order to ensure the right people can help you? that's the proper place BTW.
c) Version 8.0

It workeg in some place?
d) No, I don’t

I need revision number, but "guessing": can you test an environment with last odoo's version? your version is outdated > 2 month AFAICS. (but do it in testing).
f) log 

guessing: It is trying to find a not known URL IF you did not change anything into the configurtation (and when I say anything is 0) probably the is a change into Paypal API (I do not know if yes, but I am, again guesing.

If I wer in your shoes I put a pdb in the line with the error and read the url to see what's going on and see if it really exists.


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