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Re: running custom modules on odoo online

- 06/23/2016 04:06:59
Thank you for mentionning SISalp.
The self-service hosting of is free of charge but
limited to Odoo-Community-Edition and doesn't include any support nor
version upgrade.
You can get apps modules from there or transfer your own to SISalp who
will inspect it before adding it, for security reasons (no sFTP). It
is a case by case slow process.

Companies who depend reasonably on their data should go to a
full-access hosting (ssh root access and sFTP) solution which can
support Odoo-Enterprise too. SISalp provides such hosting solutions
but not only SISalp.
Companies who consider the ERP as business critical, should manage
their own dedicated servers (local or hosted). SISalp has proven
services to administrate customer's Odoo servers independently to
integrators. Most hosting services specialized on Odoo mix hosting and
integration services, which is not everybody's will.

So AFAIK, there is not such a thing that would combine the odoo-saas
featured solution and openess to custom developments.

2016-06-23 3:52 GMT+02:00 Andreas Becker <>:
> No there isn't a chance but there are several other providers of Odoo cloud
> solutions versions where you can upload stuff and have also still unlimited
> build in Odoo modules available right by the start - often even much
> cheaper.
> i.e. you could test out Sisalp, a great provider for Odoo and Tryton
> Solutions.
> it is a real alternative to to the Odoo S.A. Cloud
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