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Re: how to create user using rpc calls

JSCOM BENIN, godos light
- 06/21/2016 18:37:59


I thing you have tree way to do this 
1 - you can make cvs file with users Data. After you connect on odoo interface and import users.
2- you can import with xml. You have to build module with only user's data on xml record.  After you can install module and all users will import
3 you can use Python scrip. You can use Python scrip to import directly in data base  

Le mardi 21 juin 2016, robert rottermann <> a écrit :
Hi there,
I need to transfer some 5000 users from a legacy system to odoo.
I tried to do it writing to the res_users directly using a python script.
However I do not fully understand what additional tables are affected.
Therefore I think that using rpc calls would be easiest.

can somebody give me a sample how to do that?


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