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Consignment Issue

Ankit Gauri
- 06/21/2016 09:18:12
Hello guys 

i am facing the same issue in consignment 

For Example :

Step-1 : i have purchased 10 product during PO i have specified the owner on PO and i have received product on my WH/Stock location and after that when i do inventory valuation i am able to see that i have received 10 product with the Owner till this its working fine

Step-2: Now when i create SO for the same product and when i confirm the Sale order delivery order goes to Waiting for availability state even there is product on stock it goes to waiting for availability here its not working properly

Even i have searched on forum and i have found that someone have posted the same issue but no one answer it below is the link of that question:

So if you know any solutions for the same do let me know

Thank you