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ERROR : column(message_last_post) does not exist

Nitish Raina
- 06/17/2016 04:57:39
Hello Everyone,

I am working on a project in which a custom module currently running on openerp 7 is to be up gradated to run on odoo 9.

Till now the custom module with its data has been transferred to the odoo 9 and it is working .

There is a sub module name "lab_process" which is not working at all and whenever I click on it , it throws an error :

2016-06-15 05:19:06,035 10375 INFO DKD openerp.sql_db: Programming error: column transaction_sample_acceptance.message_last_post does not exist

I checked the table "transaction_sample_acceptance" , there is no such column present in earlier version also.

With my finding , I could able to find that the column : "message_last_post" is present in table product_template.

Can someone please let me know probable reason for this error to show up and how can I resolve it ?

Your reply would be appreciated.

Nitish Raina