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MRP Whitepaper

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 06/16/2016 19:36:07
Dear community,

We are working on a new white paper comparing MRP competitors. If you have experience on MRP software, can you help us complete the following spreadsheets:
How to contribute:
  • If you are sure a competitor has a specific feature, add "v" in the cell
  • if you are sure a competitor DOES not have a feature, add "x" in the cell
  • If a product implement a feature with an Addon or extra module, add "X (*)" in the cell and write a comment in the latest column explaining
  • If you have ideas of features we missed (whether it's available in Odoo or not): verify if the feature is not in the document and add lines in the relevant section.
  • If you think something is wrong in the document, don't change it but insert a comment (right click)
  • If you know very well a software that is not in the list, feel free to add a column and complete all features for this column
If you have questions or remarks, don't write them in the document to not mess up with the content. Insert a comment (right click) or write in this mailing list.

Note 1/ the Accounting White Paper is nearly finished. We should publish it in a few days in this page:

Note 2/ If you want to discover the MRP features, we will publish a clean video next week. But you can get the draft here:

Note 3/ we published 5 new webinars on different topics here: