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Re: CRM: lead nurturing

Arjan Rosman
- 06/16/2016 03:10:08
Hi Yves,

We developed a module were users like a sales manager can do this. It is just a simple configuration. You can set a select email template a certain time before/after a action( next action, last update, creation date...) and it will be send to the customer.
It can also coloring the kanban view based on actions. We are in the middle of the migration to 9 community and make it also available for task and issues in 8 and 9.
At the moment we can only email the customer but we hope also have this email send to the responsible salesmen. 

Kind Regards,

Arjan Rosman
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2016-06-15 17:11 GMT+02:00 <>:
what is the best way if I want to send an email (from template) to a lead 1 week after it's creation and then another one 4 weeks later?
Is automated actions the way to go?
Is there an existing module?
thank you.
Yves Goldberg
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