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Mr James Alfa
- 06/16/2016 01:05:04

a fair and under-advertised point - in principle one could trigger 'we noticed you did not complete checkout' emails from this. It's such a pity that the webpage tracking feature works on so few other pages of the website eg no specific product pages, or blog pages, or forum question pages, so focussed email nurturing is virtually impossible until the customer has actually gone and put some products into their cart.


Items added to a cart, but not checked out, come into Odoo’s ‘back end’ as Sales Quotations.



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yes the flow diagram in the advertisement looks promising doesn't it - almost reminiscent of proper  marketing automation system. Alas it comes from the standard example marketing campaign from about 3 years ago and there is virtually no documentation on how to use this feature and no way to respond to customer web browsing activity. (i.e. you would like to send a customer some information after they have visited a particular page on your website, or put items in their cart but not checked out) - so good luck on that.


This is a terrible disappointment for anyone who has seen marketing automation done on other systems - there is so much data that odoo should have access to - eg previous purchases, product and blog browsing history that it is a big pity that it is missing a great opportunity to work in a smarter way for email marketing.




@Goyani I am looking for a way that my customer's sales manager team will be able to configure and modify by himself and I don't think that using the scheduler and automated actions will be practical for them.


@Dominique I was also expecting to have those functionalities under marketing campaign module - especially given odoo's advertisement in - but my understanding is that you can manager global mailing list for a group of partners but not individual automatic workflow.


any other idea?

thank you for your input.




Yves Goldberg




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Hi Yves,



You can look at the module:

Marketing Campaign (v8) à hopefully has not changed in v9




It does lead automation, and there is even another module with some demo data.




Best Regards,



Dominique KON-SUN-TACK






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what is the best way if I want to send an email (from template) to a lead 1 week after it's creation and then another one 4 weeks later?








Is automated actions the way to go?




Is there an existing module?








thank you.
























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