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Re: lead nurturing

Ygol InternetWork, Yves Goldberg
- 06/16/2016 00:20:11
@Goyani I am looking for a way that my customer's sales manager team will be able to configure and modify by himself and I don't think that using the scheduler and automated actions will be practical for them.
@Dominique I was also expecting to have those functionalities under marketing campaign module - especially given odoo's advertisement in - but my understanding is that you can manager global mailing list for a group of partners but not individual automatic workflow.
any other idea?
thank you for your input.
Yves Goldberg
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Subject: RE: lead nurturing
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2016 00:22:24 -0000

Hi Yves,


You can look at the module:

Marketing Campaign (v8) à hopefully has not changed in v9


It does lead automation, and there is even another module with some demo data.


Best Regards,


Dominique KON-SUN-TACK



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what is the best way if I want to send an email (from template) to a lead 1 week after it's creation and then another one 4 weeks later?




Is automated actions the way to go?


Is there an existing module?




thank you.












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