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Re: Accounting Comparison White Paper

Port Cities Indonesia ., Gaspard Dessy
- 06/13/2016 03:28:53
Nice. Would be great to have this for WMS as well.

On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 1:56 PM, Charline Louis <> wrote:
Hello Community! 

We are about to release a white paper comparing these Accounting software solutions: Odoo, Quickbooks, Sage One & Xero.

But before publishing it, we'd like to have your reviews on the compared features. 

If you know very well one of these solutions, could you please go through the comparison boards and add any comments on the features that needs to be changed according to you?

Use the "Insert Comment tool" (Ctrl+Alt+M) on the top right in the edition menu.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! 

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