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Sequence in Invoice of point of sales

Juan Pablo Arias
- 06/10/2016 17:41:14
Hi community,

I tried add the sequence to point of sale invoice, I try with the sequence of the Inventory (added sequence to cash of point of sale)  and testing the javascript with console (in browser) but the model not contains the sequence, it's necesary for modify addons/point_of_sale/static/xml/pos.xml and later add the sequence. I think that is necessary access to sequence with widget or other model in the xml. Any ideas?

Part of XML Code (pos.xml):
            <t t-esc=""/><br />
            Phone: <t t-esc=" || ''"/><br />
            User: <t t-esc="widget.pos.cashier ? :"/><br />
            Shop: <t t-esc=""/><br />

Then... How I can add a sequence to the bill at the point of sale?

Juan Pablo Arias