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how to prevent odoo from sending emails when a backup is restored?

Arjan Duijs
- 06/10/2016 14:43:32
Hi All,
Regular i make a backup of my Odoo production server and sometimes i used that backup to test things on my development environment which in my case is my own laptop.

But each time whenever i load a backup on my laptop it sends out various emails about "employee directory installed", "timesheet validation application installed", "Project managements application installed" as well as other addons, as wel as timesheets.

for me that isnt a big deal, but it sends the emails to ALL odoo users!!

Normally i use disconnecting my laptop from internet as a work arround, but sometimes i forget and get a bunch of phonecalls with questions about the emails.

How can i prevent Odoo from sending out those emails whenever i restore a backup on my local laptop?