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Re: Product Category in Odoo 8

- 06/10/2016 03:10:56
I enabled “Technical Features” for user and later on checked several boxes in this user preference, then it worked. Thanks a lot, Roland.

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enable “Technical Features” for your user and then refresh browser page

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I am using Odoo 8. However, I could not find a place to add/modify/delete Product Category.

The only place I could find something related to product category is under Purchase->Product->Product by Category. It looks like when I am in Product by Category page, if I change view from Tree vies to form view, I could create a new product category, but I am not able to edit/delete any categories I created. 

Did I miss something or it is the way? In Odoo 9 demo site,  under Inventory->Configuration->Products->Product Categories, I could easily create/edit/delete product categories, but I could not find my way under Odoo 8.



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