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XOE Corp. SAS, David Arnold
- 06/09/2016 14:33:25

I'm looking for a dev advice:

I have a 8GB machine, intel core i7, SSD and am running everything in docker for windows.

Now creating databases for dev takes an annoying 2-4 minutes every time I want to test a feature which depends on "big modules like a chart of accounts".

I wanted to ask, if there are any tricks to accelerate this? Maybe first of all are the average module installation processes rather memory or rather cpu or disk dependent? I know that database velocity is dependent on memory, but I thought this is mainly for reads. On the other hand I'm not acquainted with the details of the ORM there in order to judge if those are possibly CPU intensive processes.

I'm thinking of investing in a workstation and wanted to know if anyone has experience with this, in order to know where to invest.

Best -i all