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What was the logic behind the pricelist price percentage rule change from odoo 8 to 9?

Luis Alfredo da Silva
- 06/08/2016 20:25:40
I did this question in the Odoo forum but I think for discussion it's better the mail list, and because I saw more activity of people more involved in the development and use of the framework.

This is the link to the forum question but I'm going to paste here again for quick reading.

I want to add a profit percentage in odoo 9 with a pricelist rule formula, and searching in web I only find the option to do it but with the odoo version 8, because the formula in code changed to odoo 9.

Here is the code line in odoo 8 for that rule:

and here is the current code line in odoo 9:

Because that change I have no option to add to the price a percentage to set a margin profit in a pricelist rule, maybe in odoo 9 there is another way to accomplish what I want or not. Some of yours can give me a great answer to this.