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Re: Usage of multiple modules from many repositories

Numa Extreme Systems, Gustavo Marino
- 06/08/2016 14:06:26
On development machines, we use a separate directory, per customer, with a copy of the imported module (manual update to/from the git clone of the original repo).

The customer specific addons directory is maintained with git, so it is deployed to production or test using git.

This setup allows:
  • Many developers working in different machines for the same customer, no conflict on what is installed in customer's server.
  • One clear directory with customer addons set, with version control, allowing fast patching of problems found, no need to wait for original source to correct.
  • Different customers with different development state on some third party modules (own git repo for heavely customized addons or own common addons)
  • Manual update of modules: you can loose modifications
In our experience, we found just a few problems with module updates, we gain a lot of flexibility, we experience almost no problem with customer configuration (out of normal development mistakes...) even with multiple developers working for the same customer


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2016-06-08 14:52 GMT-03:00 Jos De Graeve <>:

2016-06-08 16:57 GMT+02:00 Giovanni Francesco Capalbo <>:
Maybe obvious, but relevant. Make soft-links of all of your cloned repos in one directory, and add only that to your cfg file.

Yes, that's also what we do.

We have a directory containing all the upstream git repo's and a directory containing the enabled addons.
We use ansible to maintain the symlinks and keep the git repo's up to date, so we don't have to do that manually.


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