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Re: Odoo Taxes different countries

Ermin Trevisan
- 06/07/2016 08:12:32
If Odoo is set up properly and Odoo knows the customer location, Odoo is
able to show the correct taxes.

If you are refering to Geo-IP localization, you might well know that
this can be an educated guess at best and has no legal value. However,
Odoo allows to configure a GeoIP database in order to localize the
visitor of a website. In addition with the ability to set up multiple
websites, it should be possible to refer a website visitor to an
adequate website.
> well it IS an Odoo problem if Odoo claims to offer an ecommerce platform
> but cannot show the right taxes based upon the customer's location. So
> there are two related questions:-
> 1) How does odoo undertake geolocation - are there modules that need to
> be installed or is it built in?
> 2) How can different odoo websites (it claims to offer a multiwebsite
> capability) be switched to based upon the visitors country as determined
> by 1).
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